3. Simple, classy, and elegant. 

    Taylor Swift wearing Gucci at the Grammys 2014. 


  4. Everything about this is something I can wear all year round. 


  5. This vibrant, golden dress is perfect. Not only is the color beautiful, the subtle sharp cuts around the sleeves and bottom hem give the minimalistic dress an edge that is visually appealing. 

    (Source: garypeppergirl.com)



  7. Why yes, I would love to prance around in Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy school boy look, while wearing Christian Louboutin heels…


  8. Everything. Just every single detail of each photo is beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing. 

    More photos of Nicole Warne in Dolce & Gabbanna can be found here.



  10. There’s something about this neutral palette and simplicity that draws me in.

    (Source: boy-inspired)


  11. What I wish I could be wearing around New York during its summer heat. 


  12. One of the best summer outfits I’ve seen that I would wear. 


  13. Everlane is one of the very few brands and company that I really admire because of their radical transparency and value in quality. I have been following their progress over the past couple of years, and I always look forward to their latest releases for new products. Also, their backpacks and Weekender bags are spectacular. 

    Check them out: https://www.everlane.com/n/h77ek7


  14. My kind of evening attire and hair. 


  15. That top brings me right back to the gothic cathedrals in Italy. 

    I’m sooo tempted to get it (here), but the weather in New York is getting warmer and warmer by the day!